Paul Arthur

About Paul, Osiris Rising bass player
Paul Arthur at Ray's Downtown Blues
  • Born: December 197_ prefer not to say
  • Nickname: Papa Middy
  • Home town: Margate, Florida
  • School: Broward Community College, Davie, FL
  • Instrument: Bass guitar
  • Gear: (1st) ESP LTD Viper 304 Bass, with EMG HZ pickups, (2nd) Schecter Diamond Series Devil Tribal Bass with EMG HZ pickups. Gallien-Krueger 700RBII amp head, with Gallien-Krueger RBH410 cabinet.
  • BMI Recording Artist

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Bass guitar influences (Bassists)
Billy Gould of Faith No More, Nick Oliveri of Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, & Mondo Generator, Tim Commerford (Timmy C. aka Y. tim K.) of Rage Against The Machine, Justin Chancellor of Tool, Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wil of Chapters Unfold, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Cliff Burton of Metallica, & Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.

Personal statement (Year 2003)
As long as I can remember I have lived in a fantasy world, completely estranged from reality. I woke up three years ago, with a “this can’t be happening” buzz that has burrowed itself deeply into my soul. Momentary escapes are few and far between and often less genuine than I’d prefer. I feel that I have lived only briefly in my years. When I'm in love on rare locations and when I'm on stage with my band mates. Pride became the turning point in my life that released both negative and positive powers of my mind. Disturbing as this may seem, the pain & fear derived from love, together with anger derived from pride, burdens me daily like a relentless shadow. Outside of music my interests include Video Games, Technology, World War II, World History & Politics.

Blogs by Paul Arthur
The Factory foul up  •  No more demos  •  Apology  •  Knocked on my ass

Paul Arthur joined Osiris Rising in July 2003. He is also an avid video gamer and can be found on XBOX Live (Gamertag: Papa Middy) and Steam (Community ID: papamiddy).

This about page (profile) was initially created in July 2003 for the original Osiris Rising Yahoo! GeoCities website.



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