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Osiris Rising reviews, interviews & press

Newspaper articles
Press article covering Osiris Rising's 2nd Budweiser True Music Awards Show in July 2005.
New Times link 8-4-2005

Press article covering an Osiris Rising concert at the strip club Gumwrappers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL in September 2005.
Newtimes link 9-8-2005

Music reviews
'High and Possessed' listener review.
This link redirects, the original website has been removed and the link redirects to review link 2-17-2007

Armored Anthrax at Bush's house review.
"The opening guitar riff was very Bad Brains. The music overall was cool, old school sounding, kinda reminded me of metal before Metallica took over, but harder, cooler. The singer sounds like the guy from Bush occasionally, and sometimes the guy from Armored Saint/Anthrax. He did a great job at making a hook. This was a really good metal song...I liked it a lot. I'd rather listen to this than Anthrax any day...that is a compliment by the way. These guys are good...the singer...kudos to you... FUNCH, Carlstadt, New Jersey" June 2005.
Review of the song 'Strap On' from the debut CD Diluting The Gene Pool, courtesy of GarageBand.

'Honest Stranger' review.
Danielle McCannon's impressions regarding the band's first demo, October 2003.
Honest Stranger review link

Barikada World Of Music review.
"In the field of metal, alternative or some crossover variation, the band experiments with their writing style...I must commend the vocal abilities of front man Michael Ibarra." [Google translate from Croatian] Branimir Bane Lokner, Zemun, SCG (Serbia/Montenegro). review link 10-30-2005
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Diluting The Gene Pool

Diluting The Gene Pool
2005 full length studio album.
Available online at:

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