Danielle McCannon (Honest Stranger) review

2003 Review of Osiris Rising's first demo
Unique, purely unique! From Their name to their lyrics Osiris Rising is all over something new! For fans of ‘The Cult’ ‘Megadeth’ and ‘Pantera’ these guys should be at the top of your list. Of course, I shouldn’t compare their style of music to any of those above. Like I said, Osiris Rising is something different in a category of their own. All bands want to accomplish being what they would call different. However Osiris Rising is the first band that has proven it to me. With their ‘Rock-In-Roll’ beats liquid metal tunes, and heavy metal vocals, this band has got what it takes to create a whole new meaning of different.

Only started in 2002, Osiris Rising hardly shows it. ‘Nothing But Sorrow’ (early demo version) is the first song I had the opportunity of listening to. It started off just like a liquid metal song, slow, like a ballad almost. However as soon as I was convinced, it changed into rock, and then metal, and then ballad and on and on. It was like, once I knew what was going on, I really didn’t. It kept me on the edge of my seat through out the whole song. The thing I liked most about ‘Nothing But Sorrow’ is the break in the chaos about half way through. It’s about 30 seconds soft crooning & lots of guitar. This break makes the song 100%. If you are listening to the lyrics then this is a vital part of the song that only true songwriters can accomplish without blowing the whole idea of the song. The emotion in ‘Nothing But Sorrow’ is out of this world. Michael the vocalist, has a way of making the listener hang onto every word, as if what he is singing about is really happening. Every sentence is believable.

I have not had the opportunity to see Osiris Rising live. However, I doubt that it would be any different than just listening to their music. There is a strange ironic relativity to their lyrics and real life. Believe it or not, this is a song that I would listen to after having a bad day at work or school. Just trust me, listen to it and you’d hear the way it just fits. I really truly believe that Osiris Rising has potential to do allot for the world of music. They are different, easy to relate to, and damn good musicians. Watch out world, Osiris is Rising.

-Honest Stranger
-Danielle McCannon fujifavREMOVE@yahoo.com
October 2003
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