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Osiris Rising band biography

Osiris Rising was an independent alternative metal band from Fort Lauderdale, FL U.S. The band was formed in 2002 by guitar player Joseph Robert (Leviathan) Arthur, drummer/vocalist Brian (VoR) Vorisek, and Peruvian born vocalist Michael Ibarra. Joe’s brother, Paul (Papa Middy) Arthur joined the band in 2003 as the bass player. The band members blended hard rock and metal styles drawing inspiration from their influences based in gothic metal, doom metal, progressive rock, early 70’s heavy rock and grunge.

Osiris Rising would spend nearly 2 years performing local concerts before gigging heavily in their home state in 2004 and gathering a diverse listener base. Osiris Rising was notorious for their volatile, alcohol fueled performances and unpredictable live sets. While other more mainstream acts from Florida gained record company attention, Osiris Rising was in the spotlight with the Florida alternative press. They decided to operate under their own indie label despite an opportunity with Drive Thru Records. Osiris Rising began recording their debut studio album ‘Diluting The Gene Pool’ in October 2004 and released the retail CD later in 2005 earning reviewer appraises.

The band eventually began pursuing a contract with Atlantic Records late in 2005; however lead guitar player and primary song writer Joseph Robert Arthur died in a car accident on January 22nd 2006 at the age of 23. The sudden loss shocked the remaining band members and they decided to lay the band to rest. Unexpectedly, their debut album received international airplay later in 2006 on college radio, internet radio, POD casts and most notably on Radio Belgrade 202 in Serbia and Radio Free Iraq.

To date, Osiris Rising remains a moment in time, a fitting tribute to Joe Arthur. A talented young guitar player and songwriter whose life was lost far too early.

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Diluting The Gene Pool

Diluting The Gene Pool
2005 full length studio album.
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