Osiris Rising Blog: The Factory foul up

By Paul Arthur
October 10, 2004

Rant warning!

Back in September 04, The Factory (Fort Lauderdale, Fl.) club manager contacted us to play a show on Friday October 8th with several other bands including 5 Billion Dead, Sense Of Being, Infernaeon, & Awakening. We agreed, and asked for our show time, however received no reply other than "I'll get back to ya okay". We posted the show information on our site and promoted for the show. In the weeks leading up to the show, we heard nothing from The Factory to confirm our spot after numerous phone calls and emails. So we wisely pulled the show information from our website and figured we weren't playing.

The Tuesday before the show, our friends from Sense Of Being called to tell us that we indeed were on the concert schedule, after seeing promotional material including our band's name. So once again, we attempt to contact The Factory manager. This time, he answers and confirms that we are definitely on for the show and that we can promote, however he still had no idea what time we were going on. The only thing he said was "It's gonna be late man". Folks, this is very strange, not knowing what bands are going on and at what time just 4 days before the show. Somewhat disappointed, we go ahead and pay for flyers and promote all day the Thursday prior to the show.

Thursday night the manager contacts us and asks if we can play another day. We refused. We spent time and money promoting for the show and we said we could not reschedule. He compromised and said "you guys are gonna go on around 12:00 AM no earlier". Paul Arthur 2004 at Good Acid Studios

That did not happen.

All of the bands played killer shows that night, so we couldn't wait to go on. 11:30 came around, we asked if we could start getting ready and we were told there was another band ahead of us. While that band was playing we unloaded our gear onto the curb. When the 'door people' saw us getting ready, they informed us that there was yet another band after this one. So we were not scheduled to go on until 12:30AM or so. This situation, along with the wonderful 'door people' threatening our singer convinced us to leave.

Shortly after we learned that this Fort Lauderdale venue is changing ownership and changing it's name to "The Music Factory". We also heard a rumor that they are no longer booking their own shows, rather they have handed the booking to Slammie. However that is unconfirmed at this time.

It's unfortunate that there are relatively few places for rock & metal bands to play in Fort Lauderdale besides The Factory. We learned allot from this experience. Whether or not The Factory's manger is at fault is unknown. He may have overbooked, in which case an explanation and apology would have been more than enough and it would have at least earned our respect.

After-all, he solicited us to perform at the concert...not vice-versa.

-Papa Middy

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