Osiris Rising Blog: Knocked on my ass

By Paul Arthur
May 30, 2004

We didn't expect this...
When our practice studio asked us to play a show with ten other bands right there at the studio we were skeptical. We didn't think anyone would show up. We were wrong! This first show we played at Solid Sound Studios Pompano Beach, FL was incredible, the place was packed, the sound system is loud, and the kids are right there practically on-stage with us. I had to back up several times because girls kept grabbing my bass guitar. One girl pulled on the top so hard she knocked my tuning knobs and sent the thing way out of tune! I didn't care, it's part of the show.

I think this was the first time we saw the band Sense Of Being too. During their set, a mosh pit formed and kids were getting crazy in there. The room is actually too small for a mosh pit, but it works. Anyway, I'm all jacked up from playing, watching Sense Of Being and a little intoxicated. Suddenly I get shoved into the pit by some dude half my age and seemingly a foot taller. Embarrassed, I promptly knocked'em on his ass, hard enough for him to loose a shoe. He got up and calmed down, so I thought I was safe with my recent display of bravery. Moshing

I was wrong.

Not but a few seconds later the big dude's buddy, a shorter guy who stood maybe 5'6 and out weighed me by at least 30 lbs, runs into me, hitting me with my back turned, directly into my lower back. He was stout enough to send me twirling in the air. I landed on the back of my neck, which hurt like a @#$%. On the ground I got stepped on a few times and kicked in the head. It was painfully awesome. Stupidly, I got up, ran across the pit, found the dude who level-ed me, jumped into the air with my fist coming right at his face. He backed away in a defensive stance right before I stopped and shook his hand. After the set I congratulated him on an awesome hit.

That is what it's all about people.

-Papa Middy

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