Brian Vorisek

About Brian, Osiris Rising drummer
VoR (Brian Vorisek) at Ray's Downtown Blues
  • Born: November 18, 1981
  • Nickname: VoR
  • Home town: Ravenna, Ohio
  • School: Taravella High School, Coral Springs, FL
  • Instrument: Drums & backing vocals
  • Gear: 10 Piece Ludwig Rocker set, with Sabian cymbals
  • BMI Recording Artist

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Any form of Classic Rock, Doom, Black & Death Metal, Gothic, or Blues. Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Amber Bock, S&M, Paganism, & Camel Turkish Gold...

Precautionary or delusional statement
"The blackened star rises 'upon the stage. He is the essence of youth, a suicidal rage. He is the trigger in death, He is the violent scream, a nightmare within Himself. Cos' this life is just a dream." -Vor

Biographical interview (Year 2003)
Born Brian Paul Vorisek, raised as a Roman Catholic in Kent, Ohio. First began playing drums at age ten, when He realized that such an instrument would surely be better than the miseries of girls at this early stage of life. Music would never leave Him, and thus also the thought prevailed that drums could be beaten upon. At age fourteen, He received His first drum set,respectively for His birthday. Every day that the set was on 'lay away' at the music store, He would visit simply to gaze upon the instrument that would undoubtedly become His fate. He set stage in His bedroom, to be followed by a succession of bands , odd venues, and many quarrels as He attempted to establish for Himself a reputation. If not the best, then certainly the most psychotically induced drummer in South Florida. His crazy drum solos, erratic behavior, and putrid body odor (following performances) earned Him yet another nickname, "Animal". As one of the founding members of Osiris Rising, He stumbled upon what can only be described as a 'Cult'. What He had always dreamed of, where He could exist and play as He wished, and influence the song writing. Brian Vorisek's presence within Osiris Rising creates those Zeppelin like mantras that He grew up adoring, fueling His passion for the music.

Blogs by Brian Vorisek
Ragfest, the Joe experience  •  VoR & BEARDED CLAMS

Brian Vorisek is one of the founding members of Osiris Rising.

This about page (profile) was initially created in July 2003 for the original Osiris Rising Yahoo! GeoCities website.



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