Joseph Robert Arthur

About Joe, Osiris Rising guitar player
Joe Arthur at Solid Sound Studios
  • Born: April 21, 1982
  • Died: January 22, 2006
  • Nickname: Leviathan
  • Home town: Margate, Florida
  • School: Coconut Creek High School, Coconut Creek, FL
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Gear: (1st) ESP LTD H100 guitar, with Seymour Duncan pickups, (2nd) Yamaha Telecaster body guitar (mod), with Seymour Duncan invader pickups, (3rd) ESP LTD Viper 300 guitar, with EMG HZ pickups. Marshall Valvestate 100 amp head, with full stack Marshall 1960 Lead cabinets.
  • Newspaper Article – Covering Joseph Robert Arthur's Burial Ceremony. Courtesy of the Broward Palm Beach New Times
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Led Zeppelin, Killian’s Irish Red, Tool, Johnny Walker Black Label, Opeth, Absolut Vodka, Jeff Buckley, Bacardi Rum, A Perfect Circle, Nasty Ice or Light, Samael, Busch Light, Alice In Chains, moonshine, Moonspell, Jim Beam, Deftones, Miller Light, Testament, Skyy Vodka, Type O Negative, Livingston Merlot, Amorphis, Stolichnaya Vodka, Fiona Apple, Livingston Red Rose, Queensryche, Knob Creek bourbon, Amon Amarth, any and all forms of Absynthe, Soundgarden, Seagram’s Dry Gin, Faith No More, Schlitz malt liquor, Bjork, Jagermeister, Pantera, Guns n Roses, Red Bull w/any of the above vodka type's, The Sins of thy Beloved, Budweiser, The Cult, Vox Vodka, Fuel, Icehouse, Loreena McKinnet, Ketel One Vodka, Pink Floyd, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin, Zakk Wylde, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Monica Bellucci (because she is beyond gorgeous), Randy Rhodes, Michael Akerfeldt, Tom Scholz, Maynard James Keenan and Jimmy Page, among many others.

Auto-Biography (Year 2003)
As child I always wanted to be a musician (unfortunately I wanted to be a drummer, Jesus, I’m glad I snapped out of that phase). Around the age of twelve I began discovering bands like Led Zeppelin, The Cult and Guns and Roses. The sound of Jimmy Page, Billy Duffy and Slash’s guitars overwhelmed me. At fourteen I received my first guitar from my brother Paul. I joined my first band at fifteen despite my lack of knowledge of the axe I was desperately trying to wield. After parting ways with my first band I was suddenly left alone and quickly realized that I would need to progress rapidly if I were to go anywhere in life. Years later, everything has changed. I have discovered myself as a guitarist and equally important, I have discovered my musical brethren. All I want to do is share this euphoric Apocalypse that we call music with everyone around us.

Blogs by Joseph Robert Arthur
Open Door  •  Dimebag Darrell Abbott

Joe Arthur is one of the founding members of Osiris Rising.

This about page (profile) was initially created in July 2003 for the original Osiris Rising Yahoo! GeoCities website.



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