Osiris Rising Blog: Dimebag Darrell Abbott

By Joe Arthur
December 10, 2004

Inane does not even begin to describe the passing of this, such a legend...and those who were likely just trying to help someone they loved. Rarely do I loose sleep over tragedy in the news, as with most people, but to hear that someone who has inspired myself, and thousands others so greatly over the years....to find that a legend has been vacuously murdered, has caused me to do just that trying to make sense of all this.

Another tragedy happened that night. Nathan Gale, the shooter likely never felt pain throughout this insanity...just adrenaline pumping through his veins to his corrupted mind. Dimebag

Next time someone makes a decision like this I hope they give it a second thought and turn the gun on themselves. Do not rid us of inspiration and artform...do not take away our heroes...do not with moronic hate steal away life and cause a void in thousands...Rid Us Of Your Own Worthless Existence! No one needs anyone who can destroy something as precious as human life so senselessly. If I believed in hell, I'd take consolation in knowing that Mr. Gale was there, in torment. I hope his last thought was regret for what he'd done and that he had just wasted his life and will now be immortalized as a demon who has stolen something beautiful from the world.

Lives were taken. We'll not forget them. I feel greatly for the band members of Damageplan and for the fans present as well as family members of those lost. I especially feel for drummer Vinnie Paul who bore witness to his own brother's death. I hope all of those present that night can remember those murdered for their triumphs in life.

As for Dime, you've left a void in music that hasn't been felt in many years. We'll miss your searing talent. NO ONE will ever be able to fill in this void. You will truly be missed.


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