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Osiris Rising welcomes you

Joseph Robert Arthur (Leviathan)
April 21, 1982 - January 22, 2006 You will be in our hearts forever...
Joe Arthur's bio | Tributes to Joe

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Hey, where can I find Osiris Rising music?
Most of the major retailers are listed in the MUSIC page linked above. Links to Amazon are also provided in every sidebar on this site. The album Diluting The Gene Pool by Osiris Rising is available in the iTunes store. You can also find Osiris Rising on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Nothing But Merchandise
Even more tee shirt designs are now available for guys and girls through An 11x17 Osiris Rising talisman icon 'inferno' poster and an all new logo sticker are also available. The first ever 'Diluting The Gene Pool' themed t-shirts are tentatively planned for a future release.

Joe Arthur
Joseph Robert Arthur
April 21, 1982 - January 22, 2006

Jens Metal Page
Since our old ‘links’ page has been retired, we would like to thank Jenn at “Jen’s Metal Page” for including the Osiris Rising website link on her site since early 2004. Unfortunately, Jen's page is no longer online as of January 2021, otherwise we would have a link back here.

Concert Archive
A list of past Osiris Rising live shows has been posted, link. Detailed live performance archives can be found at and

Did you know?
Fact: Osiris Rising would occationaly cover (perform live) the songs 'Sober' by Tool and 'War Pigs' by Black Sabbath.

Podsafe Music Network
All Osiris Rising music from the album Diluting The Gene Pool is approved for Podcast use.

Beware of bootlegs!
Make sure you purchased the authentic CD release of 'Diluting The Gene Pool'. If you did not purchase the CD from one of our online merchants, or from a concert event, you may have a bootleg version.

Authentic versions can be purchased from the online stores linked on this site.

The band's blog articles finally earned an index page and RSS feed.

Left-over tour merch found on our old merchandise page is completely out of stock. However the online store CafePress carries all of Osiris Rising's current merchandise and always has stock.

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Diluting The Gene Pool

Diluting The Gene Pool
2005 full length studio album.
Available online at:

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